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Why Choose Organic Lawn Care?

At Royal Greens Lawn Care, we are committed to preserving the environment while also maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn. That’s why we use only organic fertilizers on every lawn we service. Not only are our products better for the environment, they’re also better for your lawn.

The Impact of Synthetic Fertilizers

Over use and improper use of synthetic fertilizers can have a negative impact on your turf and soil quality. Synthetic fertilizers have a high salt index. While some salt in your soil is a good thing, too much can have long lasting detrimental effects. High salt in your soil is bad for the microbial population in your soil. Microbes are responsible for the breakdown and uptake of nutrients by the plants. Grass can go through a process called Sodium Induced Wilt, essentially the soil is so overloaded with salt that the plants can’t retain enough moisture to stay healthy. This grass tends to have a dull appearance or not as healthy as other grasses in the same area.

The Impact of Organic Fertilizers

Natural and organic fertilizers help preserve the long-term, sustainable health of your lawn. At their essence, organic products help maintain and build the natural composition of your soil. A healthy, properly fertilized and maintained lawn traps over 125 times the allergens and pollutants as an unhealthy lawn, keeping waterways, air, and soil clean and safe!

At Royal Greens, we use only nature’s best organic fertilizers and lawn treatment products. Contact our lawn care technicians to learn more about our routine lawn care programs and products.

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