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Beneficial Optional Lawn Services


Can’t find the lawn service you’re looking for? While our inclusive Essential Lawn Care plan covers many of the common lawn issues throughout Central Maryland, we also offer extra treatments when necessary.

We offer the following services, upon request:


Preventative Grub Control Application

Throughout Frederick, Ellicott City, Mt. Airy and Potomac, beetles are a common summertime nuisance. However, before they become a typical flying pest problem, they are a potentially devastating lawn pest known as grubs. Grubs can be a major threat to your lawn. Prevention is the best cure. White Grubs are the larvae stage of many different beetles. Japanese and June Beetles are the most common in our area. Their life cycles are very similar. Adults lay eggs in the soil in late summer. Within weeks, white grubs emerge and start feeding on the root systems of your grass causing substantial damage. This application is done in late spring through early summer so the grubs are controlled as they begin to hatch before any damage is done.

If grubs do infest your lawn, a curative application will be required along with the costly or labor intensive task to repair the damage. If any infestation is present, you also run the risk of damage from animals like skunks and birds feeding on the grubs.

Prevention is your best defense.

Slit Seeding

Filling in bare and thin areas not only thickens a lawn but helps prevent weed breakouts. It is also a great way to incorporate newer, heartier types of grass into an existing lawn. Older varieties of grass are prone to insect and disease activity and don’t hold up to traffic very well.

Slit Seeding is the best and most economical way to fill in a thin or bare lawn.

A Slit Seeder is a machine made up of rotating knives that cut grooves into the soil. It plants the seeds into the grooves promoting good seed to soil contact. It also leaves a small layer of compostable matter on top of the ground for protection and moisture retention.

Along with the seeding, we strongly recommend an application of our specially formulated starter fertilizer which is an organic material that is made up of humic acids, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and proteins along with essential organic fertilizers.


Core Aeration

Core aeration is an invaluable way to increase your lawn’s health. Core aeration is the process of extracting thousands of plugs in the lawn creating aeration holes. These holes alleviate compaction and reduce thatch build up. They also allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the root zone more easily and quickly, resulting in new and increased root development.

There is no doubt that a core aeration is one of the more beneficial services you can do to aid the development and maintenance of your lawn.

After the service is performed, it will leave small plugs of soil on the surface. Within a few weeks these plugs will break down. As the plugs break down they will actually top dress the lawn which is also beneficial.


Organic Boost Soil Builders

It’s no agronomic secret that in order to have healthy grass, you need healthy soil. Unfortunately most of the soils in the Central Maryland area are heavy clay base sub-soils that have been depleted or stripped of their naturally occurring organic matter. The right biology of the soil is essential to allow for increased micro-nutrient, essential nutrient and water uptake. In order to have the right biology, you need to create microbial activity in the soil . Once this is achieved you will have a stronger, healthier lawn.

Although all of our fertilizers contain organic and natural materials, this service is designed to give your soil the stimulus it needs to get it jump started.

In extreme cases, based on the results of your soil sample, a series of applications may be needed to correct a severe organic matter deficiency.

Our Organic Boost material is loaded with organic fertilizers, beneficial bacteria, humic acid precursor, Fulvic acids, humic acids, humins, enzymes, and proteins.


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes carry many diseases that afflict both humans and domestic animals. These include West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis in humans and heartworm in dogs. In order to reduce the risk of such diseases, we are pleased to offer our mosquito program. Our basic program consist of 4 treatments annually. However, we can customize any number of treatments to meet your needs. Typically an application will approximately last 4 weeks depending on weather.

The service is done by treating all vertical surfaces, plant material, harborage and breeding grounds on your entire property.

This program is designed to reduce the risk of exposure to mosquito bites, not eliminate them. A sound spray program plus good preventive practices on your part – such as eliminating standing water in items like buckets, children’s toys, pet dishes, etc. – greatly reduces the risk. The use of repellants, fans and candles/torches is always a good idea.

Whether you just want a one-time treatment for a special occasion or year-a-round protection, we can help you.


Flea and Tick Treatments

Our basic program consist of 4 treatments annually. However, we can customize any number of treatments to meet your needs. Typically an application will last approximately 4 weeks depending on weather conditions. Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Relapsing Fever and many more. This program is designed to not only control these pests but help to repel them.

Special Notes: One female flea can lay about 18 eggs a day and just 20 fleas on a dog can produce 360 eggs per day, over 2000 eggs in a week. A tick can lay dormant for long periods of time before it attaches itself to a warm body to feed on.

The best way to treat these pests is by preventing them altogether, so our preventative plan is the way to go.

Optional Tree and Shrub Services


Deep Root Fertilization

This treatment goes beyond the surface roots to feed those established root of your landscape plants. Feeding these roots aids in stress recovery from drought, insect/disease activity and mechanical factors like soil compaction and plant damage. This application is done in the later part of the year to allow the roots to feed and recover before the spring. A Deep Root Fertilization is a great way to keep your valuable landscape looking its best.


Anti-Desiccant Spray

The winter cold winds don’t just bother us but our plants as well. Waxy leaved plants and evergreens lose moisture when those cold winds blow causing unsightly discoloration and sometimes limb loss. An Anti-Desiccant treatment will protect the plants by creating a coating on the plant that prevents moisture loss. Think of it as a winter coat for your plants. Oh yeah, it’s all natural too.


Acid Loving Plant Fertilization

Azaleas. Rhododendrons, Camellias and Hollies are all acid loving plants. These plants like to be fertilized in the spring. An acid based organic fertilizer with organic matter and micro nutrients will help these plants thrive over the summer months. Proper fertility will increase your plants resistance to insects and disease. Plants will grow denser and produce better flowering. This fertilization is a great addition to our Tree and Shrub Program or just done on its own.


Borer Treatments

Borers for the most part are invisible since they spend the majority of their life inside the plant. It is inside the plant where this pest causes its devastating damage, feeding on the plant under the bark. Prevention is key in controlling borers. Even though borers can be controlled once they enter the tree, generally they will do some damage to the tree. This can be minimized with early detection. Once a tree has been infected, the damage that is done will be with the tree for the life of the plant. After borers have infested a tree the best approach is to control the borers and keep the plant as healthy as possible with a good pest control program and proper fertilization.

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