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Lawn Aeration in Frederick, MD

In Maryland, lawns undergo various kinds of stress from weather, frequent foot traffic, diseases, pests, and mowing. Are you in need of a fast boost to improve the state of your entire lawn? Let Royal Greens take care of it for you. Our core aeration in Frederick alleviates stress, stimulates health, and will maximize the results of your existing lawn care plan.

Relieve Stressed, Unresponsive Grass

Did you know that, even if fertilization, weed treatments, and more are consistent, your grass can still experience patchiness, disease, and poor health? That is because no grass is exempt from the stress and compaction that all lawns experience over time. Our team of professionals use advanced machinery to bring your soil back to a porous, healthy state with our aeration service in Frederick.

Take Your Lawn to the Next Level

Core aeration does more than just relieve your lawn of annual stressors; it creates the ideal conditions so that your regular maintenance care can have the best effects possible. Imagine reaping more rewards from the investment of time or money you put towards regular care. Core aeration from Royal Greens is the fastest, most effective way to enhance the quality of your lawn care with just a single treatment.

The Royal Greens Advantage

At Royal Greens, we understand that your lawn is an extension of your home. We value the trust that you put in us in taking care of it. That is why, with each and every service, you’ll not only find our skilled technicians in your yard, but by your side, ready to answer any questions with courtesy and care. Why give way to disease, compaction, and poor health for your lawn, when you can trust a Royal Greens specialist to bring your lawn to its fullest life in just one treatment?

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