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Personalized Lawn Care Services in Central Maryland

Organic Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control Services in Frederick MD with Royal Greens

Our lawn care services in Central Maryland are designed to keep your turf healthy from the soil up. We utilize innovative organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants that feed your grass as well as your soil. By using specific control products only when absolutely necessary, we are able to create the healthiest, least synthetic environment for you and your lawn! A healthy, properly fertilized and maintained lawn will trap over 125 times the allergens and pollutants, keeping our waterways, air, and soil clean and safe! This is why Royal Greens believes that a HEALTHY TURF = HEALTHY EARTH!

Six-Round Lawn Treatment Schedule

Our Program for lawn care services includes a six round treatment schedule, designed to meet the seasonal needs of your Maryland lawn. Our six round schedule includes:

  • Early spring organic based fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Late spring organic based fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control
  • Summer organic fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control
  • Maintenance level lime application to maintain pH balance
  • Early fall organic based fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control
  • Late fall organic based fertilizer for quick spring green up

With each application, you can expect personalized care from our expert technicians. Your technician will explain the treatment before they begin, ensuring that you understand exactly what they are doing and the long-term benefits that come along with it. In fact, if you have any concerns in between applications, we will be happy to return, free of charge!

Our Personalized Lawn Care Program

Our Essential Lawn Care Program is focused on creating the healthiest environment for your turf to grow. We firmly believe that the long-term health of your lawn and soil will not only benefit your yard, but the environment as well. Our lawn care program in Central Maryland includes:

  • Natural and organic fertilizers
  • Crabgrass prevention
  • Lime to maintain pH levels
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Natural bio-stimulants
  • Humates and Fulvic Acids
  • Soil enrichment

Our lawn care services begin with a pre-emergent treatment of crabgrass that offers continual control throughout the growing season. We understand the difficulty that crabgrass poses to Frederick, Ellicott City, Mt. Airy and Potomac, so we focus our program on preventing this nuisance long-term.

Additionally, we also offer perimeter pest control and other beneficial services based on our recommendations and your needs.

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