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Custom Lawn Care Services in Central Maryland

At Royal Greens, our custom lawn care services are designed by expert lawn technicians to keep your turf strong and healthy from the soil up. We use innovative organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants to feed your soil and foster a thriving environment for a rich, green lawn.

Our mission is to create the healthiest, least synthetic environment for your lawn by using organic fertilizers first and specific control products only when absolutely necessary. Our custom treatments use novel, non-synthetic methods that create beautiful, year-round lawns naturally without the harmful side effects of synthetic chemicals.

As a result, our custom lawn care services produce the toughest lawns, which can trap over 125 times the allergens and pollutants, keeping waterways, air, and soil free from toxins! This is why Royal Greens believes a healthy turf creates a healthy earth.

Why Choose Organic Lawn Care?


Here’s How It Works: Our Essential Lawn Care Program

Our organic-based Essential Lawn Care Program includes a six-round treatment schedule, tailored for each individual client to meet the seasonal needs of your lawn. This multi-faceted and comprehensive approach has been formulated to address the specific needs and risks of grass in the Maryland area. In every season, you will find the team at Royal Greens applying specialized treatment. We make it a priority to ensure your lawn care is personalized with each application to bring the best results.

Our six-round treatment schedule includes:

    • Natural and organic fertilizers
    • Crabgrass prevention
    • Materials to maintain pH levels
    • Broadleaf weed control
    • Natural bio-stimulants
    • Humates and Fulvic Acids
    • Soil enrichment through quality organic and natural materials


Expert Lawn Care Technicians

With each application, you can expect one-on-one consultation from our expert lawn care technicians. Our technicians keep you informed about the treatment details before they begin, ensuring that you understand exactly what they are doing and the long-term benefits of each treatment.

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The Royal Treatment

Make your yard the crowning jewel of the neighborhood! At Royal Greens, every lawn gets our royal treatment to nurture a lush carpet of green grass. Our world-class, organic lawn care produces vibrant lawns that are beautiful and nourished from the root up. We keep your lawn looking its best in every season with strategically timed fertilization, weed prevention, and more. You can expect a high level of customer service and professionalism from start to finish. This is what we like to call, The Royal Treatment.

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Every lawn poses unique challenges that need to be considered in every treatment plan. At Royal Greens, we offer personalized lawn care services to deliver beautiful lawns that return year after year. There is never a bad time to start a lawn care treatment cycle.

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