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Lawn Care Services in Ellicott City, MD

Lawn Weed Control, Pest Control, Organic Fertilization in Ellicott City with Royal Greens
A rich, beautiful lawn is the crowning jewel of your home. However, if you’re struggling with weeds, browning grass, or simply an overall look that doesn’t meet your expectations, it can feel more like a blemish than a beauty. At Royal Greens, we’re experts at transforming lawns into crisp, thick, green carpets. The best part? You can sit back and relax while we tailor our Ellicott City lawn care program to meet the needs of your lawn and nurture it to perfection.

Give Your Grass the Royal Treatment

Here at Royal Greens, we are experts in making your lawn the crowning jewel of your home. Our Six Round Treatment Schedule is driven by science and tailored to the unique climate and risks of Ellicott City. This means that your lawn will be treated with highly effective – yet gentle – fertilizers, weed treatments, and more, at key times throughout the year. If you need additional applications, our technicians will provide a timely solution to meet your lawn’s needs.

Green Lawns, in More than One Way

Our innovative Ellicott City, MD lawn care services go against the grain of traditional lawn treatment programs. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of responsibility for the environment without sacrificing the look of your lawn. Our treatments utilize organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants that produce beautiful grass and keep the earth safe. In fact, we specialize in creating lawns that are healthy from the soil up, meaning you will naturally protect local air, waterways, and more with our lawn care in Ellicott City.

Transformative Treatments for Your Lawn

No matter the current condition of your lawn, or the risks and problems you’ve faced in the past, we strive to bring your lawn to its best state yet. Our technicians are experts in lawn care, but they’re equally as passionate about customer service. With every application, you will be greeted by a friendly technician who will explain the treatment before they get to work. If you have any questions throughout or after our service, we are happy to answer. We are dedicated to making sure our lawn care in Ellicott City leaves you feeling royal.

Your lawn deserves the royal treatment, and so do you.

Contact us to start your journey to your greenest, healthiest lawn yet!