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Lawn Care Services in Frederick, MD

A lush carpet of green grass can bring your property to an unprecedented level of beauty. To make your yard the crowning jewel of your home, choose Royal Greens. Our world-class, organic lawn care in Frederick, MD produces lawns that are both beautiful and nourished from the root up. We keep your lawn looking its best in every season with strategically timed fertilization, weed-prevention, and more.

Tailored Programs from Experts

Our six round treatment schedule for lawn care in Frederick has been formulated to address the needs and risks of grass in the Maryland area. In every season, you will find the team at Royal Greens applying the perfect treatment for your grass. We make it a priority to ensure your care is personalized with each application. We’ll be sure to keep you informed on the treatments we are employing, ensuring that all of your unique needs are being addressed.

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Frederick’s Most Innovative Treatments

Our essential lawn care in Frederick, MD safely alters the local environment at your property, creating the ideal conditions for your turf to grow strong and return beautiful, year after year. Here at Royal Greens, we are strongly against the overuse of control products, which produce short-term results and pose dangerous risks to the environment. Our treatments leverage novel, non-synthetic methods that create beautiful lawns naturally without harmful side effects.

A to Z Care for Your Grass

Royal Greens understands that just like any other living organism, your grass has a dynamic set of needs and conditions necessary for it to thrive. That is why our lawn program is comprehensive, providing the ideal nourishment, proactive weed protection, pH level maintenance, and more for your turf. This multi-faceted approach from our expert technicians creates the best local environment for your grass to thrive.