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Professional Lawn Seeding in Central Maryland

Lawn Aeration, Seed and Weed Control- Frederick, MD

Does your lawn look bare or lifeless? Our lawn seeding services are designed to advance the health and beauty of your lawn by facilitating the growth of fresh, new grass. We utilize first-class machinery and Blue Tag State Certified seed to give you the best results possible from this fast treatment. Our expert technicians are trained to utilize slit seeding to achieve a wide range of goals – from establishing a new lawn from scratch to filling in thinning areas, or renovating grass that has suffered from disease or insect activity. Whatever you need, Royal Greens has the answer!

Fill Thin Areas or Grow an Entirely New Lawn

We approach every lawn as a unique case and project. That is why we have designed our lawn seeding services to provide benefits to lawns in conditions that span across a spectrum of health. Whether you want to seed a new layer of grass across your entire yard, or you simply want to fill in thinning, dead patches, our professional team will tailor our lawn seeding service to meet your needs. Our goal is to ensure that your lawn is positioned to become as full and healthy as possible, and, moreover, that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Custom Seeding and Attention

Based on your unique goals, our technicians will determine a custom amount of seed for your yard. We utilize advanced machinery that carefully slits the ground and drops your seed deep into the soil. In this way, no bird or element will ruin the growth of a fresh, thick layer of grass! Since 1996, our focus has been providing personalized attention and superior service, and our lawn seeding service is no exception. You can expect a friendly technician with a customer-focused attitude who is informative, diligent, and works until you get the results you are paying for.

Advanced Techniques for Better Growth

Our slit seeding technique is one of the best ways to grow new grass in Maryland lawns. Our process inherently positions the seed for germination by placing it into deep contact with the soil.  We then top off our lawn seeding service with a special customized organic fertilizer packed with micro-organisms that enhance growth after germination!

Fill in your yard or grow an entirely new layer of grass with our lawn seeding services today!

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