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Tree and Shrub Care in Frederick, MD

Imagine having someone to take complete, year-round care of your trees and shrubs – nurturing them with high-quality fertilizers, protecting them against diseases, and making sure they look their best in every season. With Royal Greens, that is exactly what you’ll get. Our Frederick tree and shrub care provides you with the specialized care of an experienced professional who continuously watches for problems, applies custom treatments, and ensures your landscape’s complete beauty.

Everything Your Landscape Needs to Flourish

We understand that the needs of your trees and shrubs will vary depending on their type, history of care, and the climate. That is why every visit from Royal Greens is a part of a research and experience-based series of treatments designed to meet the unique needs of plants located in central Maryland. To create the ideal conditions for plants to grow in your yard, your Frederick tree and shrub program includes continuous monitoring of your landscape, regular fertilization, proactive protection against pests and diseases, and recommendations from our expert teams to achieve your landscape goals.

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Protect Your Trees and Shrubs Against Risks

In central Maryland, damaging insects and fungus diseases are rampant. They become active at various times throughout the year, making proactive, preventative treatments central to the sustained health of your plants. Our tree and shrub care in Frederick, MD strategically weaves the regular application of powerful – yet safe – control treatments into your yearly plan to shield your plants at high-risk times.

One-on-One Attention From Experts

The mission of our team of professionals is to create a landscape you are proud of and to save you the time and energy of maintaining it. We offer custom services in addition to our six round treatment schedule to ensure your trees and shrubs are completely taken care of. If at any time throughout treatment you have questions or concerns, our specialists are happy to offer advice and explain our treatments more in-depth.

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