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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Green Valley, MD

Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care has over 30 years of lawn care knowledge and expertise. We take pride is our lawn care programs, utilizing organic and natural fertilizers that keep your lawn and soil healthy. If you are struggling with thin grass, browns spots, crabgrass, or other weeds, our lawn care services in Green Valley, MD can help. Our lawn technicians want you to enjoy your lawn to the fullest while maintaining a lush green landscape.


Personalized Lawn Care in Green Valley

We know that every lawn has unique needs that require a personal touch. Our expert lawn technicians work with you to design a treatment schedule and program that reflects the need s of the Green Valley, MD environment. And with our organic fertilizers, you can maintain the earth and your lawn with our natural treatment plan.

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Prevent Mosquito Infestations in Green Valley

Nothing can make your lawn more uninviting than mosquitoes. No matter how green and soft your lawn is, as soon as you start getting bit by mosquitoes, you feel like running back inside. Our four-cycle mosquito control helps keep your lawn green, healthy, and mosquito free by regularly treating potential mosquito breeding grounds from spring until fall.

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Live Pest Free with Our Pest Control

Royal Greens also offers complete pest control in Green Valley. Protect your home from both crawling insects and common pest problems now! Our Pest Control safely eliminates and prevents common household pests such as ants, spiders, termites, and much more to keep your home comfy and bug-free!

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Organic Treatments and Superior Service

Our lawn technicians at Royal Greens believe that your family deserves the best, which is why we focus on providing exceptional customer service rooted in unique attention to detail. We take pride in our lawn care services in Green Valley, MD by providing natural and organic-based treatments.

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