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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Middletown, MD

For pest control and natural lawn care services in Middletown, MD that guarantee results, choose Royal Greens! Our organic based treatments keep your lawn healthy from the soil up and your residence pest-free, all while contributing to the health of the environment. Choose from our suite of specialized lawn services in Middletown to nurture your lawn, trees and shrubs to health and eliminate mosquitoes and other pests.


Advanced Lawn Care in Middletown

We’ve designed our lawn care services in Middletown to meet your needs throughout the year. With six applications of organic based products carried out by skilled technicians, you will receive the full spectrum of care. This includes crabgrass and weed control, timely fertilizer to encourage root growth and quick spring green up, and lime application to maintain soil pH. With our six-round lawn care treatment, a healthy, thick lawn can be yours.

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Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Middletown

Your yard should be a friendly place for friends, family and pets – not mosquitoes! The best defense against these rapidly-breeding, disease-carrying insects is a good offense. Our mosquito control in Middletown proactively eliminates potential breeding areas while simultaneously terminating existing mosquitoes. To ensure your family and guests don’t get swarmed in the summer, let our experts take care of the problem ahead of time.

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Middletown Pest Solutions

Millions of dollars are lost every year in damages to homes due to pest infestations. Crawling insects intrude through your home’s foundation and cause discomfort to your family. The most efficient solution is to prevent them from intruding in the first place. Imagine if you could set up an invisible barrier around your home that was safe for your family, pets and lawn but detrimental to pests. With our Pest Control services, you can do just that. Our treatment fortifies against ants, spiders, and other pests with low toxicity products that require minimum application for maximum results. Say goodbye to worry and hello to the comfort of a pest-free home!

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Healthy Turf = Healthy Earth

At Royal Greens, we are dedicated to you and the environment. That is why we say healthy turf = healthy earth and why all our pest control and lawn care services in Middletown are effective while also encouraging the health of the Middletown environment by using safe, organic based products. Healthy, lush lawns filter pollutants out of the air you breathe and the water you drink!

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