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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Mount Airy, MD

If you are struggling with thin grass, browns spots, or crabgrass, our lawn care services in Mount Airy can help. For over 30 years, we have carefully crafted healthy, green lawns throughout Mount Airy and the surrounding four counties. The basis of our program is utilizing organic and natural fertilizers to keep your lawn and soil healthy. From lawn care to pest control, we can solve all of your lawn problems!


Organic Lawn Treatments in Mount Airy

Contribute to the environment with a healthy green lawn that your neighbors will envy. Maintain the earth and your lawn with our natural treatment plan that is designed to support your lawn’s needs. With our lawn care program in Mount Airy, you can rest assured that your lawn with look its best year round!

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Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes

The mosquito problems that are common throughout Mount Airy can cause both irritation and disease. Our mosquito control in Mount Airy focuses on prevention and lasting results. Our four cycle mosquito treatment plan interrupts mosquitoes’ common multi-season breeding habits and protects your family all season long. With Royal Greens, you will never have to worry about mosquitoes forcing you or your family inside again!

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Live Pest Free in Mount Airy

Both indoors and out, pests can be a problem in Mount Airy, Maryland. Our Perimeter Pest Control in Mount Airy creates a pesticide free barrier around your home that ensures your home will stay safe, comfortable, and pest-free year round!

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Healthy Turf = Health Earth

Every program we offer does more than just keep your lawn looking it’s best and your home pest free, it contributes to the overall health of the environment as well. A healthy, green lawn keeps pollutants out of our drinking water and can help filter pollutant from the air we breathe. We believe that not only you, but our environment, deserves the Royal Treatment!

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