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Summer Disease Warning!!

Due to hot and humid weather, we are seeing a higher than normal amount of Brown Patch Disease in lawns. Brown Patch is a disease that affects most grass types in our area. Tall Fescues show the most resistance but still can be affected. The appearance of Brown Patch is that of a burnt look with oblong patterns typically in sunny areas of the lawn. Brown Patch will start out as small circular areas but as they grow and run into one another they get their oblong shape. They can also be found in shaded areas in bad infestations. The…

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How to Prevent Brown Patch Disease in Ellicott City, MD

Brown patch disease is the bane of Ellicott City lawn care efforts. The beauty of any lawn can be quickly destroyed by this unsightly fungal disease. This disease can develop rapidly when daytime and nighttime temperatures are warm and humid. Royal Greens will discuss the symptoms of brown patch and how to prevent it, so you are left with a green, vibrant lawn! Symptoms of Brown Patch Disease Symptoms of this fungal disease may vary with the type of grass affected and soil conditions. Thinned patches of light brown grass that are circular in shape are the most common signs….

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