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Bagworm Alert!!

We have started noticing bagworm activity in our area. Bagworms feed heavily on evergreens such as Leyland Cypress, Arborvitae, Spruces, and other plant types. These insects have been known to fully defoliate an entire tree. Even though they have the name bagworm, they don’t start out with a bag. They build a bag around them using silk they produce and plant material from the plant they are on. This is bad for the bagworm but good for us. Not having a bag surrounding them means that they are vulnerable to insect sprays and predatory insects and birds.       …

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Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs in Frederick

WINTER INJURY TO TREES AND SHRUBS Winter Desiccation: Because of the prolonged and climatic conditions this winter we are already starting to see many signs of winter injury on Trees and Shrubs. Winter Desiccation will probably be the most common damage we will see this spring. Desiccation occurs when the water leaves the plants faster than it is taken up. During severely cold periods the ground may freeze to a depth below the extent of the root system, which cuts off the supply of the water. Although the damage mostly occurs on evergreens, it can damage deciduous plants also. The…

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