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Can you Feel the Heat?

Maryland Weather It’s been a crazy year for weather so far. It feels like it was warmer in March than it has been in May. However, this week is pulling in high numbered temperatures that indicate summer is around the corner. With the weather being as unstable as its been, we are noticing some winter weeds lasting further into the year than normal. Insect and disease activity are just now starting to pick up. Every year Mother Nature provides us with new challenges, this year being no different. Weeds Weeds are always our customer’s #1 concern. We are currently in…

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Pre-emergents for Weed Control

The days are getting longer, and spring has finally sprung. Weeds have become an increasingly frustrating sight, taking control of your beautiful yard and garden. Broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions, plantain, and clover, have reared their ugly heads. The broadleaf weeds will be treated with the Late Spring Application once the weeds start actively growing. It is important to get the pre-emergent crabgrass control down before the crabgrass germinates. Understanding Crabgrass and Controlling it. Crabgrass is a summer annual grassy weed. This means the plant itself only survives for a season. Towards the end of its growing season, usually July-August,…

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How to Control Broadleaf Weeds in Your Frederick Lawn

Broadleaf weeds are one of the most common enemies of lawns in Frederick, MD. If left untreated, they can cause nutrient and water deficiencies to your turf. No matter your turf type, it is susceptible to damage from these fast-moving killers. Here are some important Frederick lawn care tips to prevent it. Know thy enemy Understanding broadleaf weeds is the starting point for properly fighting them. There are many different types of weeds common to Maryland and much of North America – from perennial weeds such as clover and dandelions, to annual weeds like chickweed in the cooler months and spotted spurge in…

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Best Methods To Rid Your Lawn of Weeds in Mount Airy, MD

Weeds are an inevitable struggle for every homeowner hoping to nurture a beautiful, green lawn in Mount Airy, MD. Not only are they unsightly, they rob your precious turf, shrubs and crops of water, nutrients and sunlight, stifling the potential of your lawn to become as beautiful as you’d hoped for the summer season! Fighting them requires knowhow… read on to learn how to rid your Mount Airy lawn of pesky weeds! Identify the Weed We make sure that to use the right weed controls in our lawn care services in Mount Airy to control the weeds that are out at specific times of…

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