Effective Lawn Care & Pest Control In Adamstown, Maryland

Adamstown is a town located in Frederick County and named after Adam Kohlenberg, a merchant who owned most of current-day Adamstown. Royal Greens has serviced residential and commercial property owners here since 1996. We are proud to provide environmentally-friendly solutions for your lawn care needs and reliable pest control services to protect your Adamstown home from disease-spreading and damaging pests. 
At Royal Greens, our primary focus is on customer service, which is why all of our lawn care plans are customizable in order to meet the specific needs of your property. If you need efficient lawn care and pest control, then Royal Greens is up to the task. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals today to learn more about the options we offer residential and commercial property owners. 

Professional Lawn Care Services In Adamstown, MD

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At Royal Greens, we believe that healthy turf creates a healthy earth. No matter whether you own a commercial or residential property, maintaining a green, lush, and robust lawn is important. Having a healthy lawn contributes to the well-being of the surrounding environment, which is why the professionals here at Royal Greens provide advanced lawn care treatments to create green, thriving lawns. Additionally, all of our lawn care services can be customized to meet your individual needs.

A healthy lawn traps pollutants, allergens, and toxins, which leads to cleaner air and water for everyone. At Royal Greens, we offer three lawn care plans: 

  • Plant Health Care Program

  • Organic Lawn Care Service Plan

  • Healthy Green Lawn Care Plan

If you’re ready to give your Adamstown lawn the care it needs, contact the experts here at Royal Greens today. We’re happy to provide solutions for all your lawn care needs. 

Benefits Of Pest Control In Adamstown, MD

Your home is somewhere that you should feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. When pests invade your Adamstown home, it can be difficult to feel anything other than stress. Pests can cause extensive damage, spread life-threatening diseases, and endanger your family. The only way to ensure your home remains free of pests year-round is with complete pest control from Royal Greens.

At Royal Greens, in addition to our lawn care, we’re proud to provide home pest control services to control a wide range of common Central Maryland pests. Our Deluxe Home Armor and Ultimate Home Armor plans are best for handling general pest problems, but we also provide pest-specific plans to deal with mosquitoes, ticks, moles, and voles. Reach out to Royal Greens today for immediate solutions to all your pest problems. 

Guide To Avoiding Mosquitoes In Adamstown, MD

When you spend time in your Adamstown yard, you don’t want to worry about mosquitoes bothering you, your family, or your guests. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are warm-weather pests that can disturb outdoor gatherings and events. In addition to the stress these insects cause, mosquitoes are also responsible for spreading a wide range of dangerous diseases.

To avoid mosquitoes around your Adamstown home, consider a few of the following mosquito prevention tips:

  • Wear insect repellent when you spend time outdoors.

  • Try to avoid going outside during dawn and dusk.

  • Wear light-colored clothing.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed.

  • Reduce sources of standing water and excess moisture.

  • Cut back tree branches and overgrown shrubs on your property. 

Unfortunately, prevention tips are never 100% effective. The best way to keep your Adamstown yard free of mosquitoes is with a little help from Royal Greens. For more information about our mosquito & tick control program, contact us today. 

Dangers Ticks Pose In Adamstown, MD

Ticks are small insect pests that feed on the blood of humans and animals. These parasites might not seem like too much of a threat, but ticks are much more dangerous than they appear. They feed on a wide variety of hosts, which increases the potential that they will come into contact with disease pathogens. Although not all tick bites lead to disease, all ticks have the potential to spread dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and ehrlichiosis.

The most common ticks here in Adamstown include American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, deer ticks, and lone star ticks. Royal Greens provides effective tick control services to keep ticks away from you and your pets. Protect yourself from ticks by reaching out to the professionals here at Royal Greens. 


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