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If Your Lawn Isn’t Thriving, Poor Aeration May Be The Cause

If you’ve made efforts to improve the health of your lawn but aren’t seeing the results you want, poor aeration may be the cause. If you have compacted soil due to the soil type, heavy equipment, or lots of foot traffic, it can adversely affect how well your lawn survives above ground. Royal Greens offers two types of aeration services to fix this problem.

Our Central Maryland Aeration Options

aeration services being performed on a residential lawn in new market maryland

Mechanical Core Aeration

The best-known type of aeration is mechanical core aeration. This process involves the use of mechanized equipment to punch holes into the ground. These holes allow air, nutrients, and water to flow deeper into the soil, which helps create deeper and stronger roots for the grasses and plants on your lawn.

This service is not offered in the spring. For optimal results, we recommend mechanical core aeration services in the fall, at least once a year.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration has the same effect as mechanical core aeration, but uses a different method of delivery. Liquid aeration works by applying a product through the use of a hose. When the liquid product interacts with the organic matter in your soil, it creates micro-fractures that alleviate the compaction and create space within the soil for air, nutrients, and water to flow more freely.

This service is the more economical choice and is especially suitable for small lawns, lawns with areas that the mechanized equipment can’t reach, and lawns with underground wiring, pet fencing, or irrigation systems. We can perform this up to twice a year; for the best results, we recommend liquid aeration once in the spring and once in the fall.

A Healthy, Thriving Lawn Is Within Your Grasp

To stimulate your lawn’s growth, you may just need a little help with your soil. An aeration treatment from Royal Greens will loosen the soil in your lawn, leading to better flow, stronger roots, and a healthier lawn. It’s a simple solution to help your lawn thrive. To schedule professional aeration services in Central Maryland, call Royal Greens today!


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