All The Things That Attract Maryland Mosquitoes

July 17, 2020

Mosquito bites sure are obnoxious. They can hurt, leave itchy red welts, and can even be dangerous in some instances. That’s why it’s so important to do everything in your power to limit your exposure to mosquitos. That means knowing all the things that might attract mosquitos both to properties and to humans. Moreover, knowing how to prevent mosquitos from swarming your property goes a long way in keeping you and your family safe from these pesky pests and the dangers they carry with them.

a mosquito climbing a blade of grass

What To Know About Mosquitos

Mosquitos are fly-like insects that have six long, slender legs, two scaled wings, and tube-like mouthparts that they use for feeding. But did you know that only female mosquitos bite? That’s because they require a certain protein found in the blood of humans and animals to produce viable eggs.
One unfortunate consequence of these bites is the possibility of disease transmittance. Mosquitos are widely considered to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet because they are known to transmit numerous bloodborne diseases as they feed on the blood of many different hosts. The diseases that mosquitos have been known to spread include malaria, West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, Zika virus, chikungunya, and many more.
Because they are capable of spreading such nasty diseases, it is important to do everything that you can to keep from attracting mosquitos to you or your property.

What Attracts Mosquitos To Properties And People

One of the most common attractants for mosquitos is the presence of standing water on a property. That’s because the females require standing water to lay their eggs upon. Therefore, any standing water on your property could be very attractive to swarming mosquitos.
In addition to this, several more obscure factors could attract mosquitos to certain individuals. For instance, people with type O blood are more attractive to mosquitos than those with other blood types. Weird, huh? It doesn’t stop there, either. Mosquitos are more attracted to pregnant women than they are to others. Some other factors that attract mosquitos that you may not know include wearing dark clothing, drinking alcohol, eating lots of potassium and salt, sweating, and wearing scented perfumes.
When it comes down to it, numerous factors could potentially attract mosquitos to you or your property. Some of them are avoidable while others are not. Therefore, when it comes to mosquito prevention, you should focus on the what works.

Techniques To Prevent And Avoid Mosquitos

When it comes to mosquito prevention, the goal is to reduce anything that might make you or your property more attractive to mosquitos in the area. This means:

  • Fill in any low-lying areas in your yard or driveway where rainwater may collect.

  • Remove any debris from your gutters to prevent pooling.

  • Fix leaky fixtures and drainpipes.

  • Remove any baskets or buckets that might collect rainwater.

  • Keep your lawn well-manicured and all vegetation around your property trimmed back.

  • Utilize screens in both windows and doors, and fix any holes in currently installed screens.

  • Avoid wearing dark colors.

In addition to these techniques, some other great ways to limit your exposure to mosquitos include:

  • Avoid going out during times when mosquitos are most active such as at dusk.

  • Avoid areas that are prone to high mosquito populations such as marshes and wetlands.

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to cover any exposed skin.

The Best Way To Prevent Mosquitos From Invading Your Property

While you should do everything at your disposal to limit you and your family’s exposure to mosquitos, the best method to limit mosquito populations around your property is to call the professionals here at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care.
We’ll work with you to make sure your yard is safe so that you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors worry-free. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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