Frederick Property Owners' Complete Guide To Wolf Spider Control

September 15, 2020

Insects and creatures worry people and rightfully so. They can be hideous and scary. At the very least, they’re pestering and annoying. Most will bring some kind of stress, harm, or destruction. For example, bed bugs create a lot of anxiety because they inhabit mattresses. Roaches can make people sick with all their body germs. Termites are notorious for taking down homes and businesses, as they shred wood. The only thing worse about critters is that many procreate very quickly and are tough to get rid of.

a wolf spider in a home

Spiders provoke fear in Frederick residents because of their eerie appearance, sly movement, and gummy webs. The fact that they carry venom makes them even more frightening. To boot, a few species are lethal. In any case, they aren’t welcome. Learn about the prevalent wolf spider subgroup, and how you can prevent their intrusions with Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care.

How Do Wolf Spiders Look & Behave? What Are The Risks?

Wolf spiders are about 1 ⅜ of an inch long. Their very hairy bodies are gray, black, or brown, with yellowish markings. People often mistake them for brown recluses and tarantulas, but their legs are shorter and their frames are thicker. Like most spiders, they have multiple pairs of eyes and eight legs.

Primarily outdoor creatures, wolf spiders do well around organic matter. They are rampant in pretty much any natural setting. Grassy, leafy, and woodland areas are crawling with these pests. So are meadows, riverbanks, and sandy spaces. In residential zones, they fester in gardens and ungroomed yards. Rather than build webs, wolf spiders mess up land by digging burrows.

It’s rare for a wolf spider to come inside a home or business. However, they’ll do so if they are short on food or if the weather gets too chilly. Common entry points are openings around doors, windows, and foundations. This is where you’ll see them settling as well, in addition to basements, garages, and plants. Seeing a wolf spider likely means you have an infestation.

Here are other key details about wolf spiders:

  • They tend to stay away from humans and only bite if they’re threatened. Bites may be painful, but they won’t be hazardous to your health.

  • They aren’t known to spread disease or damage property.

  • They are nocturnal.

  • They run fast.

  • They eat other bugs, so their presence may indicate an underlying pest issue.

  • There are several kinds of wolf spiders.

How Can Wolf Spiders Be Prevented?

Many of the things you would do to curtail wolf spiders apply to spiders as a whole. Lawn care, critter control, and building maintenance are paramount:

  • Reduce clutter to avoid giving spiders comfy hiding spots.

  • Cut your grass, and trim shrubs and plants often.

  • Place wood piles and greenery at least two feet from exterior doors.

  • Put food and trash in airtight canisters.

  • Repair leaks and other moisture-causing issues.

  • Close up holes around foundations.

  • Make sure window screens and door sweeps are in good condition.

  • Call Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care if you have bugs that spiders consume, like ants and flies.

What Can Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care Do About Wolf Spiders?

A great number of pest issues begin outside. That’s why Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care focuses on systematic exterior solutions. Our specially trained technicians apply environmentally-friendly treatments that will preserve your land and be no threat to you or your pets. We’ll find where wolf spiders are nesting and eliminate them efficiently.
Our affordable plans cover local critters and come with guarantees, regular visits, and re-treatments. Specific services for rodents, mosquitoes, ticks, and more are also available. Get a free quote when you call today! Don’t hesitate!

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