How Aeration Makes Frederick Lawns Beautiful

January 2, 2020

For homeowners in the Frederick, Maryland area, keeping a lawn that is beautiful and vibrant is a top priority. If you own a home with a yard, you likely want to keep it looking nice and well kept. Your yard can either help or hinder how the overall appearance of your home looks. While you likely do many things to keep your yard looking great, such as mowing the lawn and using fertilizer, there is one treatment that can greatly increase the beauty of your grass.

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Lawn aeration is one of the easiest ways to keep the soil in your yard healthy and nutrient-rich. This simple and effective treatment can help your grass grow healthier and quicker and make it look more green and intense. This is a treatment that’s completely organic and promotes growth and strong roots.

How Does Lawn Aeration Help Your Yard?

The main way that this service helps your yard is by improving the flow of nutrients to the grass. By aerating the soil, this process allows it to become porous in composition which helps the grass grow new, stronger roots. The aeration process provides better airflow to the roots of your grass.
Grass that is frequently walked on or driven over will likely need to be aerated more often. This process also can make it easier to water your grass and for fertilizer to soak into the soil and the roots.

Royal Greens’ Liquid Aeration Services

At Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care, our trained specialists know that a healthy yard needs to be able to breathe. Our equipment is cutting edge and reduces the pressure on your soil. We provide core aeration services to homeowners and business owners in the Frederick area. Just one core aeration service can do a lot of good for your yard. Our liquid aeration services are even more effective than mechanical methods. They provide many benefits to your yard.

The liquid aeration method uses natural plant extracts to reach deep into the soil. This allows for a deeper reach than traditional methods and means that liquid aeration’s results usually last longer. The benefits of liquid aeration include the following:

  • Improved airflow to the roots of the grass.

  • Breakdown of thatch.

  • Making your yard stronger against issues like weeds.

  • Improved impact of fertilizer.

  • A yard that looks more vibrant and lush.

Schedule Lawn Aeration Services Today

If you want greener grass and a more beautiful yard, the technicians at Royal Greens are here to help. We provide aeration services as well as many other lawn maintenance services. Give us a call today to schedule your lawn aeration or to learn more about the lawn care services we offer.

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