How To Check For Pests Before Decorating Your Frederick Home

December 31, 2020

It’s fitting that after a long year, there’s some excitement. The last months of the year mean cooler temperatures, and a bit of a break from spring and summer heat. For teachers and students, a few weeks off from planning and studying is around the corner. A string of holidays and celebrations are also to come, when groups of families and friends will have an opportunity to reunite and spend some much needed time together. There will be great food, fun games, and sparkly trinkets. Pests often interrupt the festivities, however.

a mouse crawling in christmas decorations

Many Frederick homeowners will unravel decorative lights and seasonal items and find pests living amongst their festive decor. If not that, they’ll see the bite marks and nasty pellets of the insects and creatures that invaded their gear. Read about what may be in your boxes, so you can be prepared with Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care.

What Pests Spoil Holiday Decorations & What Are The Risks?

Attics, basements, garages, closets, and outbuildings are the go-to places for things not in regular use. Most of the time, people try to keep their homes as clutter-free as possible, so when the holidays are over, the seasonal items get packed up and stored away. The problem is that pests like cockroaches and silverfish frequent these locations. The quiet, moisture, darkness, and humidity are ideal for them. Dirt, dust, and disarray are also an attraction.

Cockroaches vary in size and color. Many are black, brown, tan, or reddish-brown. While some are tiny, others can be quite large. Several species are known for settling in appliances, electronics, bags, and boxes. They also have a reputation for spreading disease, as they harbor immeasurable amounts of bacteria on their bodies and in their waste. The tainting of food and surfaces is very likely. You could catch a virus or pathogen, or develop another health-impacting condition.

Silverfish come in blue-silver, brownish-gray, or white. Among their unique features are metallic skin, two long antennae, and three tail-like stems in the back. Their bodies are shaped similar to a carrot, and are 3/4 of an inch long. These bugs ingest paper materials, fabrics, and carbohydrates; gift wrap, linens, and upholstered furniture are some of the things that could get ruined. Once inside your home, they’ll head to the kitchen to feast on food containing sugar, starch, and grains. Touching them can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, so beware.

Before using holiday decor:

  • Inspect your boxes thoroughly prior to bringing them in. Check for pests, feces, or signs of chewing.

  • Take indoor boxes outside to examine them.

  • Scan lighting wires and other electrical items for damage or teeth indentations.

  • Use sturdy plastic canisters for storage, and throw away cardboard.

How Can You Prevent Pests In Decorations?

Following these steps will reduce the chances of encountering holiday pests:

  • Place food and garbage in containers with tight lids.

  • Routinely take out the trash, wash your dishes, and vacuum.

  • Trim your grass and greenery on a regular basis. Distance plants and flowers from your property.

  • Fix leaks and moisture malfunctions.

  • Add sweeps to all doors facing the outside.

  • Seal cracks around doors, windows, baseboards, foundations, and utilities.

  • Keep the interior climate stable with a dehumidifier.

What Can Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care Do To Help?

Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care is uniquely qualified to handle these kinds of pests and situations. We offer a wide range of services, and have treatments dedicated to exterior maintenance. The outdoors is the natural environment for pests, and where issues begin. Our affordable plans consist of recurring visits, specialized solutions, and more. Our products are safe and organic. We’ve successfully been in business for more than 20 years, and look forward to helping you next. Call today for a free estimate!

Learn more about our home pest control and more pest control services in Frederick, MD.

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