Protecting Your Lawn Against The Harsh Maryland Winter

November 1, 2019

Did you know lawn care is a year-round task? Many people think the effort of creating a great lawn only happens in the spring and summer. Winter is too cold to even think about the condition of your lawn, right? Wrong. Winter can be a crucial time in determining how good, or bad, your lawn will look come spring.

a frederick maryland lawn covered in snow during the winter

Whether you love spending time outdoors in the summer or have no idea what lawn care even means, we've put together some tips on how to care for your lawn throughout the year. We've also detailed the services we at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care can provide to give you the best-looking lawn imaginable.

Is Lawn Care Just For Summer?

Lawn care is a year-round project. We've broken down lawn care by season:

  • Spring – Spring is one of the greatest times for any lawn. It's when flowers begin to bloom, plants shoot up, and the grass shows how green it can be. This season involves some hands-on work, like weeding, watering, and enjoying your lawn.

  • Summer – There may still be some flowers and new growth on your plants long into the summer. It's an excellent time to check in on your perennial flowers and make any changes to your lawn before the following year. If you have any big projects, like building a path or adding a gazebo, summer is a perfect time.

  • Fall – What height should you cut the grass in the fall? What do you put on your lawn in the fall? These are great questions, and we're sure you could think of more. Fall is an important time to get your lawn ready for the following year. Trim the grass to keep away unwanted pests and cut back any significant growth.

  • Winter – The cold months are still important when it comes to lawn upkeep. The cold weather and extra precipitation can damage your lawn if you aren't careful. By taking care of your lawn during these months, and adding fertilizer and weed control, you can set yourself up for a successful spring.

Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care

When it comes to a flawless lawn, Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care can help. You may be overwhelmed to realize that a beautiful lawn doesn't happen overnight. If this is the case, let us do the dirty work for you. We offer a 7-step program for lawn care in Central Maryland:

1. In the spring, we test your soil and apply natural products, which will set your lawn up for success from day one.

2. Later in the spring, we focus on fertilization and weed control.

3. The summer continues our weed control process, and we keep using fertilizer to create a lush lawn.

4. In the summer, we also offer grub control treatments, so your lawn can look great and be pest-free.

5. Fall sees more fertilization and weed control, as well as any necessary treatments to combat the hot, dry air of summer.

6. In late fall, we come back with more weed control and fertilization.

7. Finally, before winter hits, we offer pH maintenance and soil building treatments. These treatments help your lawn survive even the harshest winter.

Our lawn care plans for Central Maryland property owners come with excellent customer support, experience in pest control, and a desire to help you create a good-looking lawn all year long. Don't be overwhelmed by lawn care; at Royal Greens, we make protecting your Maryland lawn look easy. Call us today and request your free, instant quote!

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