Termite Info Every Maryland Resident Ought To Know

November 25, 2019

Could you pass a test on termite behavior? You might think such a test sounds unnecessary and that spending time learning about termites isn't useful. However, learning some basic information about termites can help you better protect your home against these damaging pests. To save you some valuable time, we've compiled some information about termite behavior, including factors that might attract termites to your property and tips on how to protect your home from these insects. Let's begin!

a termite infestation inside of a wooden structure in frederick maryland

The Termite Caste System

Before we dig into protecting your home from termites, it can be helpful to build some background knowledge. What do termites look like? How can I identify termites in my home? Termites are incredibly small, usually less than 15mm long. They live in castes, and each caste is a little different. Worker termites are in charge of foraging for and storing food and maintaining the nest. These are the termites most likely to be inside the walls of your home, getting cellulose from the wooden structures of your building.

Soldier termites have slightly larger legs than workers. They exist to protect the colony. In different termite species, the soldiers may have different roles and defense strategies, but the gist is the same.

Finally, alates – also called swarmers – are the only termites that can reproduce. They are also the only termites you're likely to see. Worker and soldier termites can't survive the harsh outside world, so they spend their days well hidden; alates, on the other hand, come out in the spring to mate and create new colonies. Alates look like large ants with wings. They can grow up to 10cm and might emerge in a large group before spreading to mate and find a new home.

Making Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your home from termites. Termites will get into your walls looking for food, which they find in wood. Next, we'll go over a few ways to stop them:

  • Fix water damage. Be vigilant about leaks or bad pipes and repair any water damage as soon as possible. Termites are attracted to wet and damaged wood, which is softer and easier to eat.

  • Use a dehumidifier. Removing humidity can also help you prevent soft, damaged wood that will attract termites. Plus, termites thrive in moist environments. A dry house will be less appealing to them.

  • Don't let your yard be an open termite invitation. Use gravel to create a barrier between damp soil and the wood exterior of your home. Don't put woodpiles or organic debris against the side of your house. If termites nest near your home, they'll have an easier time coming in for food.

Dealing With Termites Alone vs. Contacting The Professionals

Termites cause five billion dollars in reported damages each year across the United States. Termite damage in just one home costs an average of 3,000 dollars to repair. Yikes! Attempting to deal with termites on your own will only increase the amount you need to pay for repairs, and each day that termites spend in your home can add up to hundreds of dollars in structural damage.

Don't waste time asking questions like "Can I treat termites myself?" and "How do I kill termites?" Hand over your worries to the professionals. Our treatment plans offer long-term respite and eliminate termites as well as the factors that attract them.

When it comes to termites, there's a lot you can learn. We've only touched the surface on the details of these damaging pests. The most important information we can offer is that Royal Greens is here to help Maryland residents breathe easy knowing their termite problems can be a thing of the past. Call today to request your free, instant quote!

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