The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes & Ticks Out Of Your Frederick Yard

April 30, 2020

Some bugs are more than just nuisances that are unpleasant to look at -- some can be downright dangerous. Ticks and mosquitoes are just these kinds of pests, and it’s important to know how to keep them out of your home and yard.

a tick on a green leaf

An Intro To Ticks & Mosquitoes

Both mosquitoes and ticks are parasites, feeding off the nutrients carried in the bloodstream of other animals. Both latch onto the skin and draw blood out. In doing so, they are natural transmitters of diseases from one animal population to the next. Here are some important identifying traits for each pest:


  • Size: Ticks are very small arachnids, they actually aren’t insects at all. They typically only appear as tiny black or red dots on the skin of animals and humans.

  • Shape: As arachnids, ticks have eight legs, as opposed to the six legs of most insects.

  • Behavior: Unlike mosquitoes, ticks cannot fly and, contrary to popular belief, they don’t leap onto their prey like fleas. Rather, they wait on vegetation for animals to brush past and latch onto clothing, fur or skin.


  • Size: Mosquitoes are much more visible to the naked eye. With their long legs trailing their path while they fly, or spread out around them when they’re grounded, mosquitoes can appear over an inch in diameter or length.

  • Shape: Mosquitoes have long, slender bodies, with six long legs and a prominent sucker on the front of their faces. Aside from size and shape, mosquitoes are most different from ticks in the fact that they have long flight-capable wings.

  • Behavior: With wings, mosquitos don’t have to wait around for animals to come to them. Rather, they land directly on the animals they choose to feed on.

Household Hooey

There are many supposedly cheap and easy ways to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks all on your own. However, DIY methods often only mask the signs of pest infestations rather than actually eliminating them. Some even pose worse dangers than the bugs themselves. The following are all ineffective and unproven solutions:

  • Pesticide sprays: Every time a new disease or ailment comes along that can be transmitted by ticks or mosquitoes, new companies come out in droves with the “best product.” However, some chemical sprays can be dangerous to humans or pets, and often they will only repel insects for a short time, not drive them away.

  • Citronella: Commonly found in candles, this plant extract masks odors that attract pests like mosquitoes. However, this is only effective in areas with little wind movement and candles don’t last forever. This will only moderately regulate insects inside the home and will do nothing for infestations in the yard.

  • CO2 Traps: A newer form of mosquito trap, these draw mosquitoes in and then suck them into a collection area. However, if placed near people, these will only draw mosquitoes closer, not repel them. There’s also little evidence that these reduce the risk of bites.

Superior Mosquito & Tick Control From Royal Greens

The most effective way to treat your lawn and property against mosquitoes and ticks is with Royal Greens’ proven Mosquito & Tick Control Program. Our technicians spread treatments out over six months, from April through September, to ensure that pests are repelled and stay that way. Our experts use a safe spray treatment, focusing on popular landing areas like flowerbeds and shaded areas. This targeted and continual approach is far more effective than household methods.

Get Started Today!

If you want to make sure your lawn can be enjoyed all spring and summer long, contact Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care for total mosquito and tick control. Not only can we get you started on our control program today, but we also offer one-time services that are crucial for those special events that need to go off without a hitch.

Don’t let your yard get overrun by ticks or mosquitoes, call Royal Greens for peace of mind.

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