What Your Frederick Lawn Wants You To Know About Common Destructive Weeds

June 30, 2020

Most people think there’s not much to maintaining a lawn, especially if you don’t do any planting or gardening. People think that if you trim your grass and bushes enough, that’s all you need to do. Yes, cutting blades and greenery down is part of lawn care, but that isn’t the end of it. You have to be proactive about monitoring and addressing some harmful yard pests - weeds.

a chickweed infestation in a yard

Did you know that weeds are considered pests? They are classified this way because they can do a lot of damage to your Frederick yard. Weeds are technically plants, but they don’t provide any natural nutrients or food supply. Not to mention, they’re hideous to look at and rapidly grow and overtake areas. To boot, they’re tough to get rid of without the help of professionals like Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care. Learn more about common area weeds, how to prevent them, and what Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care can do for you.

What Weed Types Are Common in Frederick? What’s The Harm of Weeds?

Weeds are a problem for several reasons. The plants are very hostile in their development and formation. They can quickly absorb the majority of available space, water, nutrients, and air that healthier grasses need. For instance, say you apply fertilizer on your yard. Weeds will soak the product up long before any other greenery can. This will obstruct stable and desirable growth. As a result, good living organisms will weaken. They become more susceptible to bug infestations, drought, and disease. Weeds eventually dominate and take over. Your lawn will become  discolored or barren looking.

The most common local weeds include:

  • Chickweed: This weed often shows up in spring, but is capable of surfacing in the winter too. Coolness and rain can generate additional peak periods. It has five petals. Damp and acidic lawns are prone to have chickweed. The good news is that it can be uprooted easily and eaten in a salad!

  • Shepherd's Purse: This is also an edible weed. It’s mustard green and can grow quite long. It’s known for reducing fertility and operating as an astringent. Heat can kill it, or it can be pulled up or cut with a hoe. Direct your slicing at the bottom.

  • Purple Dead Nettle: This weed is especially noxious. It usually pops up in the fall and tortures yards all winter long. It doesn’t go down without a fight either; it’s extremely hard to eliminate. Purple dead nettle won’t die on its own until warmer weather comes around. Along porches, walkways, and flower beds is where it will sprout.

How Can You Prevent Weeds?

You can combat weeds and inhibit their growth with the following actions:

  • Put ground cover around your plants and flower beds to crowd weeds out.

  • Repeatedly seed your lawn and gardens.

  • Avoid overwatering and drain aerated soil.

  • Use organic soil; it’s nourishing, cooling, and reduces evaporation water loss. 

  • Be mindful of accidental germination.

  • Call Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care for regular servicing.

What Can Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care Do About Weeds?

Many Frederick home and business owners opt to use commercial weed-killers, but this can be a mistake. The chemicals from these products can taint produce and seep into your water. As you might imagine, this can lead to poor outcomes. Furthermore, these products can spoil the very greenery you’re trying to protect or restore.

Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care can save you time, money, and stress. Our technicians have the expertise to apply quality organic treatments without making matters worse. They know how to efficiently get to the center of your weed problems and solve them.

Our plans are designed to enrich fertilization, soil maintenance, and pest control. The best part is that they come with recurrent visits. Call today for a free quote!

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