Who Else In Frederick Wants A Beautiful Lawn Without The Hassle?

July 31, 2020

Some say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. However, if you’re in central Maryland, the greenest grass comes from professional lawn care provided by Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care. But did you know that lawn care is about more than just having green grass? It’s about having a healthy lawn which means—in addition to lush, green grass—contributing to the well-being of the ecosystem. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing a healthy lawn can be for a property.

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Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy lawn in Fredrick can be quite a hassle. It’s year-round work that requires a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, if you want a healthy, beautiful lawn without the hassle (and who doesn’t?), then you should call the professionals at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care.

The Pros and Cons Of Maintaining Your Own Lawn

There’s something romantic about the idea of maintaining your own lawn—looking upon a freshly mowed yard, admiring your work while wiping the sweat from your brow. It may be hard work, but if done correctly, it can really make one feel like the master of his or her domain.
However, if done incorrectly, the hard work will all be for naught. As previously mentioned, maintaining a healthy lawn requires year-round attention. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could wind up wasting a lot of your time and a lot of your money and still have nothing to show for it.
If you have the know-how, the time and resources to dedicate to it and enjoy back-breaking work, then, by all means, you should maintain your lawn. However, if you don’t possess these things, then why endure the headache that comes with the inevitable pitfalls of maintaining one’s own lawn? Having a healthy, lush lawn is as simple as calling the professionals.

The Benefits Of On-Going Professional Lawn Care

The biggest benefit of professional lawn care provided by Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care is that we offer customized care that fits your needs so that you will have the lawn you desire.
We offer a variety of lawn care options to guarantee your lawn care needs are met. These options are the Healthy Green Lawn Care Plan, the Organic Lawn Care Service Plan, and the Plant Health Care Program. All of our plans use organic products first, only resorting to other methods as a last resort.

Healthy Green Lawn Care Plan

This plan consists of seven applications designed to give you the healthiest possible lawn while controlling weeds, crabgrass, and seasonal grubs.

Organic Lawn Care Service Plan

This plan is focused on lawn care and fertilization. Instead of targeting weeds and crabgrass, the aim of this plan to utilize carbon-enriched fertilizers to promote healthy soil and roots.

Plant Health Care Program

This plan is designed with the health of your plants and trees in mind. It consists of six treatments throughout the year in which we feed your plants and trees while also treating for plant destroying insects and mites.

No matter what it is you are looking for, we offer the plan for you.

For Hassle-Free, Year-Round Lawn Care, Call The Professionals

Here at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care, we know the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy lawn. Don’t break your back trying to do it yourself. Let us take care of it for you so the only thing you have to worry about in regards to your lawn is enjoying it.
If you have any questions about our plans or in general, don’t hesitate and give us a call today.

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