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What Your Frederick Lawn Wants You To Know About Common Destructive Weeds

June 30, 2020

Most people think there’s not much to maintaining a lawn, especially if you don’t do any planting or gardening. People think that if you trim your grass and bushes enough, that’s all you need to do. Yes, cutting blades and greenery down is part of lawn care, but that isn’t the end of it. You have to be proactive about monitoring and addressing some harmful yard pests - weeds.... Read More

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Why A Mosquito & Tick Control Program Is A Great Idea For Your Frederick Lawn

June 17, 2020

Being outdoors can be fun and relaxing. You could have a backyard barbecue with family, play sports with friends, or have a romantic picnic. Going hiking or listening to music in a park can be just what you need to decompress from stress. What frequently ruins or interrupts these kinds of activities are bugs and insects. Many frighten people or simply annoy them. Others do more than pester; they can threaten your life or damage your property.... Read More

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