Broadleaf Weed Identification & Prevention

What are broadleaf weeds?

Broadleaf weeds are not a type of grass and look nothing like grass, so they’re easy to spot in our lawns. These weeds pop-up almost out of nowhere and ruin the uniformity of our yard. In general, broadleaf weeds have wide, flat leaves produced in pairs or more and extend from a stalk. You can also identify them by the pronounced net-like veins in the leaves. Some species of broadleaf weeds have colorful flowers that sprout and emerge from the shorter green grasses that surround them.a patch of broadleaf weeds outside of a home in frederick maryland

Listed below are examples of common broadleaf weeds that grow in lawns throughout Central Maryland:

  • Broadleaf plantain

  • Chick weed

  • Dandelions

  • Spotted spurge

  • Buckhorn plantain

  • Crimson red clover

  • Oxalis

  • White clover

Are broadleaf weeds dangerous?

Broadleaf weeds pose a danger to maintaining a healthy lawn. Not only are these weeds unsightly, but their presence takes away essential nutrients, sun, and water from the grass that you want to grow in your yard. Additionally, the flowers that broadleaf weeds produce attract bees and other stinging insects to properties, which can lead to painful stings for you and your family. Putting into place a preventative lawn care plan is the best way to stop these weeds from taking over your yard and ruining its aesthetic appeal.

Why do I have a broadleaf weed problem?

Broadleaf weeds are difficult to control because their seeds have the potential to lay dormant for more than 30 years. There could be seeds on your property that you are unaware of and, when the conditions are right, these opportunistic weeds will strike and take over your lawn. These weeds can also get onto your property in grass-seed mixtures, bags of soil, or potted plants purchased from nurseries or other retail locations.

Where will I find broadleaf weeds?

Broadleaf weeds are aggressive and will take advantage of lawns that contain bare or small spots of grass. Broadleaf weeds take over yards where the grass is not healthy and not being properly fertilized. The exact species of broadleaf weed will determine if they grow in shady or sunny areas. Depending on the species, they grow annually, biannually, or perennially. Broadleaf weeds are usually not a problem in dense, healthy, lush lawns.

How do I get rid of broadleaf weeds?

The best way to eliminate broadleaf weeds is to partner with Royal Greens. Our experienced technicians are always reliable, honest, friendly, and willing to work with our customers to identify their specific broadleaf weed problem, eliminate the weeds, and put into place a plan of action to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

Our comprehensive lawn care solutions for Central Maryland property owners provide customized, effective, seasonal lawn care solutions you can count on. Learn more about our organic approach to lawn care by reaching out to Royal Greens today!

How can I prevent broadleaf weeds in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help to avoid problems with common broadleaf weeds.

  • Fertilize your lawn to keep it lush, dense, and healthy.

  • Reseed bare or thin spots in your lawn.

  • Do not over-water or under-water your lawn.

  • Keep your grass cut to its required height; do not cut it too short.


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