Effective Lawn Care & Pest Control In Ellicott City, Maryland

Ellicott City is a census-designated community located in and the county seat of Howard County. Our area is part of the Baltimore metropolitan area and is the largest unincorporated county seat in the country.
Royal Greens is proud to provide environmentally-friendly lawn care treatments and effective pest control services to Ellicott City residents. At Royal Greens, we focus on quality customer service, which is why we provide customizable residential and commercial solutions to meet your unique lawn care needs every time. Contact the experienced professionals here at Royal Greens today for complete pest control and lawn care services you can trust.

Benefits Of Professional Pest Control In Ellicott City, MD

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Finding pests such as spiders, occasional invaders, and moles around your Ellicott City home is not a pleasant experience. Pests invade while searching for easily accessible sources of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, many residential properties provide pests with everything they need to thrive, which is why pest infestations are such a common problem for homeowners.
When it comes to protecting your Ellicott City home from pests, you should always reach out for professional home pest control services from Royal Greens. When you choose to implement an effective pest control plan from us, you can avoid the many problems that pests cause. Our home pest control services will prevent pests from damaging personal property, spreading dangerous diseases, and contaminating food items. If you’re ready to say goodbye to destructive and nuisance pests, contact the licensed professionals here at Royal Greens today. We’re happy to provide a free, instant quote.

Learn More About Lawn Care In Ellicott City, MD

Lawn care isn’t just about keeping your lawn looking green and beautiful, although that’s certainly a benefit. A healthy lawn contributes to the well-being of the ecosystem and provides enjoyment to anyone who visits your Ellicott City property. At Royal Greens, we offer customizable professional lawn care services for both homeowners and business owners here in Central Maryland.
At Royal Greens, our professional lawn care plans include our Healthy Green Lawn Care plan, Organic Lawn Care Service plan, and our Plant Health Care Program. During our service visits, we will perform a few different services that will feed your soil and foster a thriving environment for your Ellicott City lawn. Royal Greens can help you achieve a healthy lawn from the soil up with a lawn care plan customized to your individual needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial and residential lawn care options.

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Ellicott City, MD

Carpenter ants live in large colonies and infest wooden structures. These ants are well-known for invading Ellicott City properties and creating vast networks of tunnels and galleries throughout the wooden structures of homes and other buildings in the area.
Carpenter ants are usually black, although some species are red or a mixture of red and black. They prefer damp or water-damaged wood, although they can and will infest dry, sound wood. Carpenter ants aren’t as destructive as termites, but they are still capable of causing a lot of damage to your Ellicott City home.
In addition to the damage they can cause to homes, carpenter ants will also invade pantries and kitchens while foraging for food. The best way to avoid carpenter ant infestations is with the help of the pest technicians here at Royal Greens. We offer exceptional pest control services in addition to our lawn care treatments. At Royal Greens, we make it our top priority to protect homeowners from all kinds of pests, including carpenter ants. Get in touch with us today to learn how we identify, treat, and prevent carpenter ant infestations.

Guide To Avoiding Mole Damage In Ellicott City, MD

If you’ve ever noticed raised trails of dirt across your lawn, you probably have a mole problem. Moles are small mammals that feed on grubs, earthworms, and other insects. They spend the majority of their lives underground and rarely interact with humans. Although moles pose no threat to your health, their underground tunnels can damage your plants, cause tripping hazards, and create unsightly trails of dirt throughout your lawn.
Unfortunately, moles are attracted to healthy lawns with loose, moist soil that is easy to burrow through. To get rid of mole problems in your Ellicott City lawn, partner with the experts here at Royal Greens. We offer long-lasting pest control solutions for many different pests, and moles are no exception. Our experienced pest technicians have what it takes to keep moles off your property with effective mole control and removal services. Reach out to Royal Greens today for professional help with your pest problems.

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