Japanese Stiltgrass Identification & Prevention

What is Japanese stiltgrass?

Japanese stiltgrass is an annual grass that germinates in spring, grows throughout the spring and summer, and dies off in the fall. This plant has a bamboo-like appearance, with thin stalks that grow up to 3.5 feet tall; its leaves vary in length from 1-3 inches, and different length leaves alternate along the stalk. These leaves are lance-shaped with an off-center mid-rib. On the upper surface of the leaf is a stripe of silvery reflective hairs. Japanese stiltgrass is native to Japan, China, Central Asia, and India, having first entered into the United States in 1919 as a type of packing material.

a patch of japanese stiltgrass outside of a home in frederick maryland

Is Japanese stiltgrass dangerous?

Japanese stiltgrass is a dangerous weed because its presence threatens native plants and natural habitats in the United States. You should take measures to eliminate and control this plant because it grows fast, produces a large number of seeds, and displaces less-competitive, native species of plants.

Why do I have a Japanese stiltgrass problem?

This plant spreads rapidly from location to location after a person or animal walks through the soil, collecting its seeds. They carry these seeds on clothing, the bottom of shoes, or on fur to new locations. These seeds also move through the soil via water movement such as heavy rains.

Where will I find Japanese stiltgrass?

Japanese stiltgrass thrives in damp soil located in partially to densely shaded areas. This weed thrives in many environments, including residential lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. It also grows along roadways, moist woodlands, fields, and stream banks. It does not grow well in areas that have full sunlight or in areas of standing water.

How do I get rid of Japanese stiltgrass?

The best way to eliminate Japanese stiltgrass is to partner with Royal Greens. Our experienced technicians are always reliable, honest, friendly, and willing to work with our customers to identify their specific Japanese stiltgrass problem, eliminate the weeds, and put into place a plan of action to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

Our comprehensive lawn care solutions for Central Maryland property owners provide customized, effective, seasonal lawn care solutions you can count on. Learn more about our organic approach to lawn care by reaching out to Royal Greens today!

How can I prevent Japanese stiltgrass in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help to avoid problems with Japanese stiltgrass:

  • Avoid walking through or disturbing areas with Japanese stiltgrass.

  • Pull up the plants in the late summer before the seeds set.

  • Cut back overgrown trees and shrubbery on your property to reduce shaded areas.


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