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Effective Lawn Care & Pest Control In Marriotsville, Maryland

Marriottsville, MD, is a lovely community. With the Patapsco River and Patapsco Valley State Park right in our backyard, we have access to ample natural resources. This makes Marriottsville an ideal place to live, a wonderful place to visit, and, on a less positive note,  hugely vulnerable to pest activity. Unfortunately, all of Howard, Carroll, and Baltimore counties are susceptible to pest and weed infestation. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it alone.
Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care is here to take care of you. Since 1996, we’ve been serving communities across Central Maryland with the best pest control and lawn care services in the region. We are a family-owned and operated company, and we place a great deal of importance on the complete satisfaction of our valued clients. No matter what type of pest or weed infestation you may be dealing with, give us a call. We’re ready to help.

Lawn Care Services In Marriottsville, MD

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You may not think that professional lawn care services are completely necessary, but indeed they are. A healthy lawn is much more than boasting a lush green color. Healthy lawns with healthy soil can effectively trap toxins, allergens, and pollutants. Not only does this lead to a thriving, weed-free lawn, but it improves the quality of the air around us. Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care offers effective lawn care services to residential and commercial clients across Central Maryland. We offer three service plans, including:

  • Healthy Green Lawn Care Plan

  • Organic Lawn Care Service Plan

  • Plant Health Care Program

Through the use of organic products and natural treatments, we can maintain the health and longevity of your lawn. Unhealthy lawns attract pest activity. When pests find harborage areas in your lawn, they destroy the grass and the soil by taking away all of its nutrients. The best way to protect your lawn is to schedule regular lawn care services from Royal Green Professional Lawn Care. Call us today.

Professional Pest Control In Marriottsville, MD

Your Marriottsville property is your pride and joy. You work hard to take care of it, and it would be a nightmare if pests found their way inside. Call Royal Green Professional Lawn Care today for year-round pest protection. Our residential pest control services protect your home from the dangers of infestation. We provide year-round coverage from common household pests, and we also provide treatment for outdoor pests. Some of our services include:

  • Installation of Rodent Bait Stations

  • Mole & Vole Services

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

  • Removal of Stinging Insect Nests & Hives

Contact us today to speak to one of our team members about our Deluxe Home Armor Plan and our Ultimate Home Armor Plan. All of our services are customized to fit our clients’ needs. Depending on your property and your specific pest situation, we will develop the perfect treatment plan and then return quarterly to follow up and make sure your property stays pest-free for good.

Why You Should Consider Aeration For Your Marriottsville, MD Lawn

To have a thriving lawn, the soil needs to support healthy growth. Healthy growth necessitates the roots of vegetation to effectively absorb nutrients, air, and moisture. Many times, the soil in our lawn is too dense or too compacted to allow nutrients to reach the roots. That’s why you need to treat your lawn to professional aeration services.
When the team at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care aerates your lawn, we perforate the soil’s surface and break it up so that air and water can get to the roots of the grass. Our methods are effective and natural, always putting the safety of our clients first.

  • Core Aeration & Overseeding Service

  • Slit & Power Seeding Service

  • Soil Building Service

  • Soil Correcting Service

  • Soil Restoration Services

Contact us today to discuss your lawn aeration needs. Our team of lawn care professionals has over 20 years of experience in the successful treatment and rejuvenation of Central Maryland lawns. Your property deserves the best treatment possible, and when you go with Royal Greens, you go with the best.

How Dangerous Are Moles In Marriottsville, MD?

Moles make their way onto your property in search of food. They like to eat lawn insects, earthworms, grubs, ants, and other sources of nutrients in your yard. Though they do not pose any real threat to people, moles can harm your property. Here are some of the consequences of mole activity on your Marriottsville property:

  • Creation of dead patches in the lawn

  • Damage to trees, ornamentals, and lawn turf

  • Damaged roots, grass, and plants

  • Destruction of lawn and landscaping

  • Extensive tunnel systems dug into the ground

  • Increased chance of weed growth

  • Raised mounds of dirt from tunneling

  • Signs of chewing on trees and vegetation

  • Weakened ground structure

For year-round protection from mole activity, contact the team at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care. We will identify all mole activity and eliminate it from every inch of your property. We also perform habitat modifications to make your property less attractive to infestation moving forward. We will make sure those hungry moles stay away for good.


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