Mosquito & Tick Control

Are You Afraid Of Your Backyard?

Having a healthy lawn is about more than just making it look good. A healthy lawn may have lush, green grass and few to no weeds, but it also contributes to the well-being of our ecosystem. At Royal Greens, we offer customized professional lawn care plans in Central Maryland to create robust, thriving lawns that are healthy from the soil, up.

Our Mosquito & Tick Control Options

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Our Mosquito & Tick Control program consists of five treatments spread out evenly from April through September, when mosquito and tick activity are at their peaks. Each service consists of a misting treatment performed with a backpack blower. During the misting, we treat common resting spots such as flower beds, vertical structures, shaded areas, and mulch beds.

Our treatments occur every 45 days and come with a re-treatment guarantee. If you don’t see a change in the mosquito or tick population, we will return within 15 days of the service to re-treat for free.

Our Natural Mosquito Reduction Program

For those who want a more natural way to get rid of mosquitoes, our Natural Mosquito Reduction Program is a great choice. Using natural repellents and oils, we will apply a mist to areas where they rest such as flower beds, vertical structures, shaded areas, and mulch beds. We perform this treatment every 21 days between April and September. If there is no decrease in mosquito or tick activity, we will return within seven days of the last treatment to re-treat at no additional charge.

Please note: Both of these treatment options are also available on a one-time basis for special events.

Enjoy Your Central Maryland Yard Again

Residents of Central Maryland should be able to enjoy their own backyard. Mosquitoes and ticks should not ruin your time spent outdoors. With our mosquito and tick control, you can get back into your yard without the fear of itchy bites or dangerous diseases. Schedule your mosquito and tick treatments today by reaching out to Royal Greens.


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