White Grub Identification & Prevention

What are white grubs?

White grubs are lawn-destroying pests and the larvae of beetles. They are white, plump, and curl into a C-shaped position. Their hind ends have a dark area, and their heads and legs are brown. White grubs also have two parallel rows of spines on the underside of their last abdominal segments.

a white grub in the soil outside of a home in frederick maryland

Are white grubs dangerous?

White grubs are not dangerous to people, but they are very damaging to lawns and landscapes. Adult beetles lay their eggs in the soil; after the grubs hatch, they feed on the roots of grass and other plants. The damage they cause to the roots prevent plants from gaining access to water and nutrients, weakening the plants and even causing plant death. Wild animals that feed on white grubs further add to the damage caused by a white grub infestation. As they dig through the lawn hunting for grubs, they create unsightly holes and cause even more damage to grass and other plants.

Why do I have a white grub problem?

White grubs are on your property because adult beetles found your lawn to be a suitable place to lay their eggs. Your yard also provides ample food sources to feed the white grubs after they hatch. Healthy lawns with moist, easy-to-dig soil is attractive to adult beetles. They dig 1-8 inches into the soil to lay their eggs. Yards with lots of thriving plants and dense, green grass provide the nutrients that white grubs need to grow and develop into adult beetles.

Where will I find white grubs?

White grubs live and travel through the soil just under the surface of the ground. They can become significant pests in yards, gardens, parks, golf courses, and athletic fields. Signs of a white grub infestation are finding scattered patches of yellow or brown grass, or having your lawn feel spongy when you walk across it.

How do I get rid of white grubs?

The best way to eliminate white grubs is to partner with Royal Greens. Our experienced technicians are always reliable, honest, friendly, and willing to work with our customers to identify their specific white grub problem, eliminate the weeds, and put into place a plan of action to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

Our comprehensive lawn care solutions for Central Maryland property owners provide customized, effective, seasonal lawn care solutions you can count on. Learn more about our organic approach to lawn care by reaching out to Royal Greens today!

How can I prevent white grubs in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help to avoid problems with white grubs:

  • Instead of frequently watering your lawn, periodically soak it and then let it dry back out.

  • Make sure to adequately fertilize your lawn to help build a strong root system.

  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are directing water away from your property and not allowing it to pool in your yard.


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