Wild Violet Identification & Prevention

What are wild violets?

Despite the beautiful purple flowers that they produce, wild violets are actually a type of aggressive weed. This weed produces heart-shaped leaves covered in velvety hairs, and the plant has the potential to grow 2-5 feet tall. In the spring, wild violets produce their signature purple flowers; in the summer, they produce a self-pollinating flower that grows low to the ground, or even under the ground. This flower drops seeds all over your lawn, allowing the weeds to spread across your property.

a patch of wild violets outside of a home in frederick maryland

Are wild violets dangerous?

Wild violets are an aggressive, opportunistic weed that will quickly take over your yard. Dense populations of wild violets produce thick mats of leaves that suffocate lawns and cause the death of turfgrass. You should never let wild violets live successfully on your property.

Why do I have a wild violet problem?

Wild violets produce thick, branching rhizomes under the ground. These structures act provide food storage and shelter for overwintering, and can also produce new plants, allowing wild violets to spread across your property. If surrounding properties or pieces of land have wild violets, this invasive weed will eventually find its way to your yard. Mowing your lawn can also spread wild violets if you're not careful. Mower blades spew the seeds across your yard, and may even propel the seeds onto neighboring properties.

Where will I find wild violets?

Wild violets are a common sight in fields, cornfields, gardens, along the roadside, and in residential lawns. They are cool-season perennials that prefer to grow in shady, moist soil, but also do well in sunnier areas. The variety of environmental conditions they can thrive in helps to make them a troublesome weed to control.

How do I get rid of wild violets?

The best way to eliminate wild violets is to partner with Royal Greens. Our experienced technicians are always reliable, honest, friendly, and willing to work with our customers to identify their specific wild violet problem, eliminate the weeds, and put into place a plan of action to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

Our comprehensive lawn care solutions for Central Maryland property owners provide customized, effective, seasonal lawn care solutions you can count on. Learn more about our organic approach to lawn care by reaching out to Royal Greens today!

How can I prevent wild violets in the future?

In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help to avoid problems with wild violets:

  • After mowing an area of your lawn with wild violets, rinse off the mower blades to avoid spreading their seeds.

  • Regularly mow and fertilize your lawn.

  • Maintaining your lawn and establishing a dense, healthy turf is the best way to avoid problems with wild violets.


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