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a mouse crawling in christmas decorations

How To Check For Pests Before Decorating Your Frederick Home

December 31, 2020

Many Frederick homeowners will unravel decorative lights and seasonal items and find pests living amongst their festive decor. If not that, they’ll see the bite marks and nasty pellets of the insects and creatures that invaded their gear. Read about what may be in your boxes, so you can be prepared... Read More

a deer tick crawling on a leaf

What Happens To Ticks In Maryland During The Winter?

December 15, 2020

Ticks are one of many potentially lethal pests that suck blood. It’s a common misconception that these pests die in cold weather. Several remain active; particularly during mild winters in Maryland. Deer ticks, also known as black-legged ticks, are especially resistant to frigid temperatures, and are the primary carriers of Lyme disease... Read More

house spider crawling on arm

What Happens To Spiders In Maryland In The Winter?

November 27, 2020

You might not obsess over getting rid of them, but seeing webs in the corners of rooms and randomly spotting spiders in your house is not a pleasant feeling. That’s why we are glad to see fewer of them in the wintertime. However, when might they return?... Read More

termite crawling on kitchen table

How To Tell If Your Maryland Property Has A Termite Problem

November 13, 2020

Maryland is such an enjoyable state to live in. While outsiders might know us for crab cakes and football (thanks, pop culture), Maryland has some of the most stunning properties on the East Coast. Now, we Maryland homeowners take a lot of pride in these properties, but termites are a direct threat to our peace of mind, hard work, and finances. The more we know about termites, however, the better chance we have of keeping them away from our ho... Read More

a tick burrowing into a persons arm

What Everyone In Frederick Ought To Know About Ticks

October 30, 2020

Ticks are not mobile pests. They do not have wings to fly, strong legs to jump, or fast crawling speeds. All they have is their ability to climb. To attach to a host the ticks place themselves at the top of tall grasses and shrubs and reach out with their front legs and wait for a person or animal to walk by.... Read More

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